The Cross-sectoral strand of the Creative Europe programme is designed to serve three primary functions:
  1.The establishment of a Guarantee Facility targeting the cultural and creative sectors
  2.The promotion of transnational policy cooperation
  3.Supporting a network of Creative Europe Desks



The three main activities of the Cross-sectoral strand target three separate, horizontal needs of the programme.

The Guarantee Facility, that was launched in 2016, is designed to facilitate access to finance for micro, small, and medium sized organisations in the sector, as well as to improve the risk-assessment capacities of participating financial intermediaries.


The Transnational policy cooperation activities are designed to support the exchange of experiences and know-how relating to new business and management models, as well as:

  • Collecting market data, studies, analyses of labour, skills, market needs, and policies, and support statistical surveying;
  • Paying the contribution fee for European Union membership of the European Audiovisual Observatory;
  • Testing new and cross-sector business approaches to funding, distributing, and monetising creation;
  • Organising conferences, seminars, and policy dialogue, including in the field of cultural and media literacy and the promotion of digital networking.